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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I have some major issues!!!

I finally came to A conclusion today I AM A JUNK AND SHOPPING ADDICT....yes, I can admit to it now! I was cleaning my girls closets and drawers out today..there are clothes in there I did not know I even bought and a lot of them still have tags on them..I do not think they wear the same outfit over again in 2 months period..I am also one of those people who likes to get all the matching accessiories like if it has A hat or leg warmers or headband or socks,,,I need them all..I can not just settle for the outfit its self..
This is really sad....I have about 4 totes of Skylar's old clothes when she was in preschool that would fit Madison perfectly now,,,but I really do not want to drag it all out and organize I just go out and buy Madison all new...I always try and justify my spending by buying stuff on sale!! I really am A bargain digger, but still they have way too much!!!!

On to the JUNK food...I really need to start living more of a healthier life..I would say I have always had A problem with JUNK FOOD...that probably explains why I gained 56/58 LBS when I get preggers :) I would have to say my favorite junk Is McDonald's..I LOVE their fries and Big Mac's...I can not go through A fast food restaurant without getting something for myself..The funny thing is my mind always tries to talk me out of it "DON"T DO IT MELISSA..YOU WILL BE RUINING YOUR RUN" but my stomach is saying YUMMY!!! Todd knew from the first time we started to live together I had problems...when someone (ME) is putting sugar on Lucky Charms cereal...that is not right!!!!

This is when I really hit rock bottom.....I was on my way home from the store the other day and I had A Starbucks Carmel Machiano...well I ended up getting 2 boxes of doughnut holes for the kids....I had the two younger kids with me and they wanted them opened in the I did and I sat there and was thinking DON"T DO IT...I just bought a bunch of veggies to make A huge salad for when I got home (I was so into eating this big healthy salad...well I thought)...but the temptation was too strong and I said "that doughnut would taste soooo good with my Machiano coffee", I was like just ONE.....SIX doughnuts later...What am I doing and got down on myself...I really think I need help...especially if I plan on doing a lot of racing next year...I need to get my nutrition going and put down the junk!!!!

SO I ALREADY KNOW WHAT MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS IS GOING TO BE...STOP SHOPPING AND SLOW DOWN ON THE JUNK FOOD.....I really need to do this for myself as it really makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it....I get so down on myself for eating all the shit!!


Emilee said...

I have a great idea, get rid of the clutter and send Skylar's old clothes to Lola! Skylar always dreessed so cute!

Your kids still look like their father! Holy cow, it's crazy!