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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Went to visit Santa......

We got all dressed up to go and see the fat guy Santa.....After waiting in line for about an HOUR we finally made our way up! He was kinda of a strange Santa he had his ear pierced...I was like Santa should not have his ear pierced...I thought he was going to turn into the Santa like the movie (Bad Santa...very funny movie :)....but he turned out like the normal BORING, RELAXED Santa...that he was totally there just for the $$$ not because he really likes kids...I tried to joke with him by saying "OH no we might break your lap with my 4 kids"...he just gave me the look, Come on get your rug rats on my lap and move on your way!!!!

So I had to stand pretty close by so I could hear what the kids told him what they wanted for Christmas...Mason starts off and says A TRAIN, Madison says A Barbie Cash register, Konor says some Funky's...I was like OK this is easy...Then out of ALL my kids it would have to be my oldest Skylar says "Santa I want some Reindeer Reins" Ok I started to am I going to come up with freakin Reindeer Reins?? Why in the heck out of all the TOYS out there she wants Reindeer Reins!!!!! So I think I came up with it, I will go buy a red dog harness and put some gold bells on it...and there is her Reins :) Yeah!!!! So we survived another trip to see pulling on his beard,,,,no peeing their being a sissy and crying!!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!


BreeWee said...

LOVE IT! That post cracked me up... now I know what I have to look forward to when Kainoa grows! Your blog is fun to read for this mom and your family is so beautiful!

BreeWee said...

Thanks for your comment! I could not agree with you more...I too am learning everyone is a little bit "crazy, weird, different" in a good way. When my coach told me to start a blog to keep in touch with my sponsors/family I really found that it has become more like an outlet and a way to grow from learning from others! I was really into the sporty people's blogs but have found yours and a couple other "mom" blogs that are helping me in so many ways!
Thanks! Keep posting, I look forward to them :)