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Friday, December 21, 2007

Yes, I am a nut for running in the cold :)

I was talking to one of my friends the other day and she is a treadmil runner all year around...I was just stating that I just got done running 8 miles outside and she thinks I am crazy for running in the snow!!!! I actually enjoy it....I try to run outside as long as possible, I know the treadmil running is coming my way and I will quickly get burned out on running I am trying to make the best of the outdoor time I can get!!!! I went and ran 7 miles today jumping over ice patches...thank god for ipods and good rockin out tunes it really puts me into my groove....I am really trying hard on my running technique...I always seem to start out too fast for what I can handle I did my first mile in 6min 26sec there is NO WAY I am able to hold on to that pace long...This is how it goes with my running workouts...I start off too fast of pace, so somewhere in the middle of my run I die and slow down and get down on my self... So at the end of my workout I pick the pace back up to make up my time I was draggin.... I am trying to even it all out so It will be smooth and easy as to A I ended the 7 miles in 51min
I have packed on 5 extra pounds since September..and I can really feel the extra am determined to lose it :)