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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Coaching Basketball makes me feel YOUNG again :)

Well, NOW that my hands are NOT shaking and my heart is NOT racing I can write the game report!! We WON 34 US 10 was very pleased on how well the team played..We do not have much height on our side, but we have a lot of aggressors on our team, who are not afraid to take on the BIG people!!! Our team is quick (see doing sucides/line drills paid off) and we are balanced out as a team!!
We only had 3 practices before our first A coach I was a little nervous..on how I was going to teach offensive plays and screening, plus all the basics all wrapped up in 3 practices...The plays did not really pan out the way I wanted (due to such a fast pace game), BUT they did well on finding an open spot and moving the ball around!!
It is always nice when you have parents come up and say I did a good job coaching, but I give the players all the credit for playing so hard and not giving up..I am the informer...and a LOUD informer at that...Skylar had to say to me" MOM do you have to yell so loudly " I do admit, I AM A LOUD MOUTH but I am getting my point across and having everyone in their positions...we LOOKED organized and played the part...The other team looked sloppy and confused...So, if it takes me being LOUD and VERY competitive, then
so be it!!!!!!!
Last year we were undefeated through a church league I coached...HOPING to keep that winning streak alive!! This year we play for our own school and more of a competitive league ......playing against other local schools let the competition BEGIN...I have 3 girls (that includes Skylar) that I have coached for the
last 3 years, so that helps, since I know how well they can play..........

I love coaching young kids...and watching their self esteem improve......

GO LADY PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Skylar had 6 points
Here are some pics of Skylar #3 playing and me coaching...enjoy!!!!!!!!!


BreeWee said...

Oh my gosh! I am already excited for the day Kainoa is playing a sport and I am on the side lines cheering! OR coaching!! I will be a LOUD mouth too and my competitiveness will need to be caged or I might get kicked out of all his sporting events! LOVE the4 fun photos... kids rule!

Mel said...

Ya Bree,
It is soooo much fun coaching....but I really have to contain myself as I want to jump out there and play with them :) You should see me at practice...since we have such a small team..when we do a scramage I am out there playing defense on 3 girls at one time and knocking them down....I some times forget how much BIGGER I am then them :) During our game the ref called a bad foul call..I am over there stomping my foot and one of my players said "Coach Crandell you are going to break your shoe" WHAT A HOOT!!!