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Saturday, January 19, 2008


I did not get any sleep lastnight...I did a camp out with the kids and Konor had a stuffy nose that was driving me NUTS (with all the snot noises)....So when I rolled out of bed..lets put it to these terms """I am not in the mood for a bad ref or cocky coach today" SO step back!!!!!!

I arrived to the gym knowing that our star player was not going to be here today(she is out of town) I give my regular lecture and tell them that everyone is going to have to step it up a notch to void the missing player! We only had 6 most will not get a break throughout the game..that is why I strongly believe in conditioning these girls so they will be strong for the entire game...

The ref pissed me off from the start...making Skylar remove a YARN friendship bracelet I even said to him "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" it is is that going to hurt another player...So I had to fiddle with it..since I did not have scissors to cut it...

AGAIN.... we were out sized, so made it tough to match the girls up....As the game starts, I knew from the beginning they were going to be a TOUGH team as they are a private/Catholic team....My girls were getting smacked..... elbowed.... pushed down to the point where I had almost every girl on my team crying...THE REF was not calling anything..and of course the other coach from the other team was being hush...hush..UNTIL I called a timeout and told my girls to fight dirty...if that is how they want to play...get out there and play DIRTY... They stepped it up and started to push back! Then the other coach was yelling come on ref call the FOULS...I looked at him and said are you kidding me your girls were fouling this WHOLE time... NOW we give it back and you cry about it...The ref gave both of us a warning......I am the only girl coach in this I know the GUYS think, all she will sit there in silence......NOT ME ....I am as loud as they come :)

OK this hit my boiling of my girls steals the ball and has a break away getting ready for a lay up and a girl from the other team came full speed and did the double arm push right to my players back...she went down HARD...the ref called it a foul BUT no freaking foul shots....OH no that was not fair..I marched up and say" I believe that was an INTENTIONAL FOUL"....and plus she was going up for a she should be at the foul line....he agreed that it was an uncalled for foul...but no shots!!!! I said where did you do your ref schooling...and got my 2nd warning!!!!!

SO you can see where this game is going.....TO THE SHITS and a unfair game.... This was the last I could take...AGAIN one of my players got elbowed to the face, so tears were the ref stops the game and was talking to her..I head out there to check on MY player and the ref waves me to go away....OH NO HE DIDN"T....In front of everyone...I said to him "I BELIEVE I AM THE COACH HERE>>>AND THAT IS PART OF MY JOB TO CHECK AND SEE IF MY PLAYER IS OK and needs to be substituted......He had the BALLS to say "you know Mrs. Crandell if this was a High school or College game..your butt would be out of here, (as fore I am the only coach without an assistant, he could not kick me out of the game) I came back with you know "if this was a High school or College you would not have the qualification to be a REF....

We ended up Losing 14 to 8....the girls were beat up...but did not let them kill us too badly, and we will be ready for them next time (with our star player back)..WE WILL WIN!!! I WILL be ready for that REF again and the cocky coach GGGGRRRRRRRR :)

POOR Skylar has a big shiny, purple bruise on her cheek bone :( from an elbow to the face!!!! She did score 2 points against those bullies

KONOR...played his first game today, but through the church league at a different location and the same time as we I sadly had to miss his game...Konor thinks they won...but also complained of the BALL HOGS on his team :) That is the only draw back of being a coach...I will miss most of Konor's games..I guess I can't be everywhere at one time :(


BreeWee said...

Yikes what a day! Great job coaching and staying firm... I am sure you taught your team to stand up for what is fair! You gave them something beyond a trophy...courage!

Good luck to your girls next game!

Kellye Mills said...

Wow! Sounds like a rough game. But it sounds like you stayed strong and showed the girls how to stand up for themselves. I wish you better luck next time!

Mel said...

Thank you Bree and Kellye,
I was pretty bummed after the game, but knowing we get to play them again (hoping for a different ref though)We WILL be ready for them with our FULL team intact :)