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Thursday, January 24, 2008



Ironic as it favorite friend is my MOTHER-IN LAW, she is my rock, my glue that keeps me together! I am soooooo lucky to have her in my life! I hear of all these horror stories of daughter in laws with their mother in laws...I am like, "really", I LOVE mine....She has my back NO matter what...she laughs at my not so funny jokes and gets me even when I am venting about everything...she is OK with me calling her son (my husband) A asshole sometimes :)
She even signed up to do my swim class with me, knowing it would help me get my ass in there ( I hate to swim) she even does the 6 A.M. class....NOW that is a real trooper!!! We always joke that we are really sister's (which I do not have) we are so much a like and can finish each others sentences... WE know how each other's mind works! We both are KOOKY, but totally get each other!! She is such an AWESOME person and a AWESOME Grandma !! She is my "Special Friend" worth keeping!!!
I believe everyone needs that ONE SPECIAL PERSON in their life!! Give that "Special Friend" a big THANK YOU for sticking by you no matter what!!!!


BreeWee said...

This is pretty cool... a mother and daughter-in-law all as such good friends! I am a bit envious! I love my mother and law and respect her but it ends there... to be "pals" I don't think so! I can imagine it is hard for mothers to give their sons to another woman ( I bet I will be that way with Kainoa) but my mother-in-law STILL tries to tell me how Jim likes his eggs and how to do his laundry... it is like she isn't ready to share him and I feel like we battle over him. You are so fortunate!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

WOW! You are one lucky duck! That's awesome - I am really envious. While my in-laws are supportive, it's always a little weird when we get together. They still live up in Wisconsin, so usually when we see them, my hubby returns to being "the kid/son". I still love them, but its more of a parent-child relationship. The fact that you guys are such great friends and supporters of each other is great! Great post!

Emilee said...

Melissa you are so lucky to have Cindy, she is the best!!!! And she looks fab like always!!!
Please tell her I said hello!