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Saturday, January 26, 2008

GAME 3 WE WON 34 to 3....WE WERE ON FIRE!!!!!!

NO COMPLAINTS here for game 3...The girls were ready to PLAY hard...I was a little scared at first as I heard we were going to have the SAME, horrible ref we had last game...He did not show up..(I THINK I SCARED HIM :)...So game was pushed back until another ref showed up!!!!! WE WON 34 to was a very SLOW pace game and I really felt bad for the other team, as we thumped them! The other coach was a little to RELAXED and did not feed them with information through out the game...I kinda wanted to help the other team out :(

Our team played awesome man to man defense and knew to stay in front of their player and keep their eye on the ball..which worked well to our advantage as we had 25 steals...I think this was the first time my MOUTH WAS NOT BEING LOUD and good thing for SKYLAR..I only yelled at her ONCE :).....No favoritism from the Mom coach :) This was a total TEAM win.....SO my job was EASY today and I even sat down 2 times though out the game...Usually I am pacing back and fourth :) I have hired an assistant coach, my friend Stacy has accepted my offer..incase if the ref and I had another attack...she could be there to help keep the team in check!!!! Skylar had 10 point and 7 wahoooo for Skylar!!! Thank you for all the good luck really means a lot!!!


Amanda Lovato said...

Could your children be any more gorgeous!!!!
They should model!!!

Kellye Mills said...

Congratulations on your win! It sounds like you make an awesome coach :)

kerrie said...

i love the pic of all of your kids - i agree with amanda - could totally see them modelling!
congrats on your game!