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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The 2 hour treadmill run!!

I now hold the NEW record for our household....of the longest run on the treadmill 2 hours almost 14 miles.....I can honestly say it was not that bad!! I know even my husband thinks I am nuts and did not really see the purpose of me running that long....BUT that is my personality...if you read the post before this one "When it rains it pours" My training has gone to shit for the last couple of days...due to sick kids!! So when I stop working out and know that I have a big race coming up...I start to get scared and doubt to make up for the missed days..I cram it into one workout!! I went the first hour SOCK LESS, inclined 2% and feeling strong...until I could fell the blisters forming on both when I reached the 60 min mark..I quickly jumped off and put socks on...but a little late...they were already there and filled with fluid :(..back on I jumped and could feel the pain, but was not going to let it stop me from getting it done!!!! I was actually enjoying myself and felt like I was pushing myself to new limits...I NEVER IN MY LIFE, EVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE TRAINING THIS MUCH!!
I learned something new with the treadmill..once you hit 1000 calories it starts over and once you hit 100 minutes it starts over and once you hit 10 miles the numbers turn into letters (weird).... So I did it 2 hours and almost 14 miles...why are we slower on the treadmill (even though I feel like I am going fast) It would never take me 2 hours to do 14 miles outside!!! If you know please explain..I always wanted to know :)
I must say I am a little sore ankles are hurting, but I have weak ankle due to all the sprained ankles from basketball in my young days!! SO overall not bad and I am able to get a trainer ride in all good!!!!!
St. Croix here I come...I WILL finish!!!

Happy Training!!!

Hugs to all :)


Pedergraham said...

Of course you and going to finish at St. Croix...and you'll be running people down all along the run course!

Steve Stenzel said...

2 HOURS!?!?!


Props to you!!!

kerrie said...

wow - you are so hardcore!!! especially for the sockless thing - i always wear socks!

Trigirlpink said...

Damn right you'll finish and you'll look fluckin' great doing it in St Croix!
That's a loooooong time to spend on the DREADMILL. Good one on ya.
I just spent 2:05 on the ComputDRAINER becauz... YOU GUESSED IT! It's snowing!!!! My AZZ hurts!
I watched Finding Nemo with all the extras on the DVD :-)
I am asking my friend Gary about the treadmill question you asked. He had a good post about that a while ago. I can't find it and I emailed him and will forward it to you. Cheers!

Brooke Myers said...

Hell ya, you are going to finish in st. Croix..
That was pure motivation and determination right there...

YOu should be proud of yourself and next time hopefully it will be a little easier too. IT feels good to push beyond your limits (maybe not always physically, but mentally without a doubt)...

Way to go Mel!!

BreeWee said...

This is fantastic! 2 hours... I had a 90min. tready run on Thursday and I thought my brain was going to fly out of my head! 2 hours, you are a stud! if you can make that running in beautiful St. Croix will be cake! AND that 2% incline is amazing! You are tuff as heck! Here is the treadmill pace chart that might be able to help with your question on pace:
As for the blisters... you made us proud... next time you are sockless (especially in a race) run vasoline all inside your shoe.
GREAT job momma!

Kellye Mills said...

2 hours...That's amazing! I have one girl in my gym that ran a marathon on a treadmill... that will be you before too long!! No worries about St. Croix, you're going to KILL IT!!

TB said...


That is some serious training. If you can handle 2 hours on a treadmill than St. Croix will be a breeze.

Incredible mental workout.

The weather will warm soon enough.

Keep it up!

Eileen Swanson said...

Sweet, great job Mel! Awesome. You are going to do great in St Croix. Way to go and tough it out for 2 long hours on that tready! Woohoo!


Eileen Swanson said...

Sweet, great job Mel! Awesome. You are going to do great in St Croix. Way to go and tough it out for 2 long hours on that tready! Woohoo!


Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

I agree with everyone else...two hours rocks! Great goin'! St. Croix is going to be a walk in the park after all those treadmill miles!!

I hope everyone is done being sick at your house!

Have a great one Mel!

TJ said...

Geeez. 14 miles on the treadmill is long. Way to knock it out.
I actually get faster on the treadmill, so I can't offer any help with the pace question.