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Friday, March 21, 2008

Not Slowing this Crazy girl down :)

Happy FIRST day of SPRING...this is what our first day of spring looks like!!!! I guess we will be hunting Easter eggs in the snow....BUT who doesn't love frozen Snickers and candy bars :)

After that CRAPPY run I did the other day and feeling the need to throw the towel in...I pulled my head out of my ass and said NOPE...I have spent to much money and have put to much work into this race St. Croix....So I am more determined to get going on my training again....I am going to push my way past the weakness from the sickness and not let my mind get the better of me!!! My biking is going well...I have done 3 trainer rides this week and aiming for a 2 1/2 hour bike ride tomorrow....I have been avoiding the running, as afraid to have another horrible run...Well today I sucked it up and said I am going to do a 8 mile run today and NOTHING is going to stop me!!! I head out all bundled up and at first I was like oh no as my head was feeling dizzy and I was seeing double...but I was feeling continued on my way :) I was having issues with my pants keep falling down and I was getting a cold draft on my butt cheeks...but even frozen butt cheeks are not going to slow me down :) NOT TODAY!!! I reach my 8th mile stretch and I was wanting to jump up and I think being sick is behind me now and it is time to move forward and push myself!!!! As soon as I made it inside the house we started to get a snow was stoked to get my run done before the snow started!!! Thank you guys for keeping me positive by telling me in time my training will be back and I will feel strong again!!!!

I went shopping the other day.....the Easter Bunny/ME needed to get busy and get these baskets I head out to the mall and it was soooooo nice to be out on a shopping spree again (1st one since being sick) I stopped and got my FAVORITE coffee and of course visited with my stinky coffee boy, he is so dreamy...stinky lookin, but DREAMY....Let me tell you there are a lot of weirdo in the mall.....seriously is that the make out spot or what....I saw so many butt grabbing and tongue kissing teenagers (OH please don't let my kids act like that) ....I think I picked the time the teenagers decided to escape their houses....there was a big circle group of kids and how excited they were getting over flippin shoes CONVERSE SHOES....I mean cameras were going off and the loudness was getting me off my shopping concentration....This group was collecting other teenagers that had the same shoes on as them and then standing in a circle and taking pictures of all the same shoes.....Seriously is this how teenagers have fun these days????? Anyways I had a really good day shopping and the Easter bunny is all ready to get busy with the baskets :)

Happy Training and enjoy all the candy !!!!!


kerrie said...

glad to hear that you are back at it! you still have lots of time though before your race so remember to ease back into it...

have a great easter! i can't imagine getting baskets together for 4 kids...enjoy it:)

Trigirlpink said...

Yeah! So glad you are feeling better chika! Mmmmmmmmmm. Easter candy. I bet you got a guuuud selection at your house. No snow here but a balmy 27 degrees this lovey saturday morning. Reeeee-freshing!

Anonymous said...

I was laughing at your frozen butt cheeks! We got 8" or so here yesterday and had our HUGE neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt in the SNOW! 2 years ago it was nearly 60F. Yeah, those malls are lovely, eh? I don't love ours either, but it sure great to SHOP!
Jen H. :)

Mira Lelovic said...

Way to go on running with a dizzy head and frozen butt! Happy Easter!

Pedergraham said...

Our kids won't act like that when they are teenagers. We'll keep them too busy with sports--and they'll be too tired to hang at the mall, right?

Eileen Swanson said...

Hey Mel. I'm back home! So nice to be home with my hubbie and Belle! YAY! I am so glad that you are feeling better and not letting anything slow you down. You are awesome Mel!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you are getting back into the training groove! Don't give up on St. can get past the "sick" setback.

Did you have the Easter Egg hunt in the snow?