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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween :)

Another day down...WOW...I forgot how busy this day is for me.....4 freakin school parties...2 different parades...2 hair and makeup....luckily the boys are pretty easy...throw their masks on and they are all set.....Skylar EVERY year has to be some kind of spooky person that requires make-up..with blood and face stitches!!! Madison is always something curl hair throw some sparkles on her and she is set to go....BUT getting 4 kids ready on time....crazy!!!!

Todd and I usually take turns with one staying home and passing out and one going door to door with the kids....some how we ended up with 4 more the job was Todd's I stayed home and past out the goodies......I like checking out all the fun costumes.....but I can not believe some kids manners.....I sometimes just want to yell "YOUR WELCOME".....seriously how hard is it to say "THANK YOU". I had this one 'GROWN man" come up to me and I laugh and said "OH your trick n treating" he said ya for my little guy in the stroller....then proceeds to grab a huge hand full of candy WTF?? Your kid does not even have teeth and this greedy guy takes half my candy.....I got a lot of werido's this not know where they came from.....My neighbor does a haunted garage and I think the freaks come to our neighborhood just to go there...but some how end up at my house:(

The kids had a good time and now is going through their candy and trading each other:)

I am OFF to Florida Tuesday for a week....Mom needs a I will be beaching it and doing a little soul searching and spending some time with my Mom....I am sure I will be missing home as this is my first time away solo.......but I really think this is a much needed BREAK for me!!!

Hope everyone has a awesome weekend and good luck to the ones who will be racing at Ironman Florida and at Clearwater...I will be there cheering you guys on:)


Dolphin Boy said...

Nice costumes!

Hey have fun in chilly Florida! Enjoy your break and solo trip!

Jen said...

Hey Mel...have fun in FL! A solo trip sounds SO nice :)

Lily on the Road said...

Great goblins!!!

I totally hear you on Trick or Treat manners, or lack thereof...gah...

have a nice vacay!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

I get you with the weirdo neighbors. I was convinced 20 of them set up lawn chairs on my street just to get the handouts - I offered to hand them our empty beer bottles!

Eileen Swanson said...

Mel, I miss you tons....we havent chatted in forever! Hope you're having a blast in FL. BTW - that Splishie you created a long time ago is finally getting made ;-) YAY!