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Monday, October 27, 2008

Last race of the year!!!!

Skylar finishing fast :)

Me and blogger friend jeff aka (Jahowie)

Yesterday I ran the race that my husband has put on for the last 7 years! It is a race that draws awareness to drugs and live a healthy life style!!!

I was aiming on doing the 10K and was feeling confident on my training times....Until over the last 2 weeks I have been having knee issues and could only run a couple of miles before the pain started...I did not want to make it worse so my training suffered....this is when I get angry....I was able to run 10miles comfortably three times a week and then when I went to Ca I came back and had nothing but pain...I do not know if it was all the high heel shoe wearing or by taking a week off with no type of exercise and then jumping back in full force that caused me to strain it...Who knows but it was frustrating..Welcome to the world of great one day and then the next be in pain and have NO clue where it came from....grrrrrr!!!! So I decided I would be better off to just do the 5K....3miles of leg dragging is better than 6miles of leg dragging :) These are FUN runs right??????
The day was cold and winds where 30some super first thought was uggg not wind again!!! Skylar my 10 year old was also running the 5K so I drag her to the front of the race start (getting brave as I NEVER start at the front)....I see this girl stretching and doing her little jog warm up...I was like oooooohhhh this girl is SERIOUS she is out to crush:) So we are off I am up front with 16, 17, year old guys (I think there was even a 12 year old that was kicking my a$$....That serious girl took off like a rocket...I am tired and not really feeling zippy but like I told Skylar at the beginning of the race "the quicker you go the sooner you will be done" I get to mile one winded and out of breath looked at my watch and pace was 6:20 started off too fast (typical)...I thought to myself I am doomed....I can still see the SERIOUS girl up front and she is still going strong....I get to mile 2 and yip walking was in my mind and it sounded so mind won I found myself walking....I had to yell at myself a little to get going at this point I lost view of the "serious" girl........ I could feel my knee throbbing and I could not wait until I hit the finish and just be done....I ended up getting 2nd female overall (6:47 pace) and 1st in age group....16th out of not my best 5k result....but being injured and windy conditions I will claim it and overall was happy for my efforts:) The "serious" girl (23years old)did it in like 18 min..she totally deserved the win!
Skylar did awesome...did no training and did it in 25:55 min and won her age group:) I was so proud of her....she is so funny her "goal" was to beat this boy (same age) she knew.....That she did....she crushed him:) I better watch out for her...her next goal will be to "BEAT MOM" and I am sure soon it will be happening:)
Konor and Madison were little speedsters in the kids run...Madison really wanted to run the 5k...but only being 5..I thought she was still a little too young...but loved her (I CAN )approach!!

I also got the chance to meet up with one of my blogger friends Jeff so it was nice to finally get to meet him:)
This race was it is not just a race, it is a surrounding of people who have changed their life around or families that are grasping for HOPE for a loved one "addiction"...If you know someone who is battling with addiction check


jahowie said...

You had a great run!! I can't believe how fast you are. You put me to shame even though you are injured. really should pull that pic of me. I look like sh--!! LOL!! It was very nice to meet you.

Ward said...

Great job for Skylar..!! A chip off the ole blocks!! It does a heart good to see your kids trying to emulate there parents.. Watch out, before too long they'll be right behind you breathing down your neck!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Great job Skylar!!!!!!! You girls rock.

kerrie said...

yay for skylar! i'm sure that you are her next target :). sorry to hear that you knee had been bugging you - although it is obvious, make sure to ice and get new shoes if you need them!!!!

Wes said...

I love that you and your hubby are so involved in Racing for Recovery. That rocks!!

Big congrats to Skylar! Wo!! Takes after Mom and Dad!! Made me laugh cause I was banging out an 8 minute mile on my brick Sunday and I was passed by a bunch of kids that couldn't have been, oh, 10. LOL...

My oldest son ran a 21 minute 5K last year with no training. The nerve of these young peeps!!

rr said...

woo hooooo! Nice run, Mel! And congrats Skylar! What a rock star.

Now get those knees healthy!

Jennifer Harrison said...

WAY to go Mel and Skylar and racing for recovery - do you always look that cute when running? HA! I look like hell. :) Happy off season!
Jen H.

Trigirlpink said...

Nice job girl! Zippy pace to boot even with an icky knee!!!!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Great job racing and what a great cause. I am going to check it out.

Dolphin Boy said...

Way to go Skylar...put those boys in their place!! Congrats!!!

Sorry to hear about your knees! take care of them. But you did great and for a great cause. Love your weather!! hahaha! LOL!!!

Hey, why does everyone think Dolphin Boy and Wee are up to no good with this whole Florida Ricky Martin thing? Too funny! She left for FL last night. I have nothing to do with it.


Mira Lelovic said...

Wow, Skylar is quite the runner! You better watch out, Mel, it's not going to be long before she's holding a 6:30 pace! Wish I could get my daughter to run, and enjoy it.

I was hoping you would post soon. I was really wondering about you and hoping all is well. When is Todd off to Ultraman?

Shan said...

Hey Mel! Awesome race for both you and your kids! :) Now you can focus on an excellent off-season!!

Hope all is well :)

Sarah said...

Awesome for BOTH of you! Can't believe Skylar, that is so fantastic. Now go rest that knee so you won't be injured for next season!

kerri said...

What a great way to the end the season! Now it's time to make that knee get better. YAHOO..R&R

Anonymous said...


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