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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wedding in San Fran CA....& Bun in the oven :(

Check the bun in the oven:(
read to find out the real story!!

I took my shoes off so I wouldn't be taller
than Todd :)

Uncle Jason the Groom:)

Aunt Andrea the Bride:) I had the girls trying
to talk her out of it (JK)

This was my view from the plane:) Mason called

Madison is a little afraid of heights!!

Konor balancing across log:)

Skylar is a total "TOM BOY" No fear for this girl!!

Mason was hunting for "BEARS"

I LOVE this photo:)

What a fun trip...a LONG trip but a fun family trip!! My Brother-in-Law Jason finally got married...I tried REALLY hard to talk him out of it...but he went for it :) We (the WHOLE tribe) headed to San Francisco on Friday....a 4 1/2 hour plane ride and a 2 hour car ride...with a 3 hour time difference... we finally reached our destination in the middle of BFE...seriously we were in no man's land:0) we stayed in this little cottage...very cute but made me laugh....our bedroom was a set up like "Little house on the prairie" had to go up a steep ladder to get to the bedroom....and then we had the mix of "Happy Days" in there...downstairs we had a bed that came out of the wall..the kids had a blast riding the bed into the wall and then crashing to the floor:) it really was a fun place to stay!!!
Saturday was a very hectic day....the girls had their hair done at a 11:00 and then we had photo's at trying to get 4 kids ready and then myself...well there was not much time to do myself.....SO.."Me" running around with my head cut off....I LOOK like I have a "Bun in the oven" in every photo...My dress had a liner that I did not know it had and when I put it on, well I forgot to pull the liner YES the liner was all bunched around my belly...and I kept thinking "man my dress feels tight"...but thinking maybe I put on some pounds or swollen from the flight.....AFTER the wedding ceremony right before the reception..I finally got to do a potty break and that is when I realized..."WHAT THE HECK"....I discovered the LINER in the dress..I pulled it down and my dress was loose ALL the photo's were already taken with the bun in the oven....I did not understand why nobody told me....everyone was like "oh we thought it was suppose to look that way...because the back of the dress was raunched...WTF....OH well...4 kids and "bun in the oven " No sweat ;)

Anyways...we had fun and the kids were very well behaved (big relief for me) they did awesome going down the aisle and the girls, while throwing rose pedals bursted in giggles (cute) and Konor thought he was pretty special that he got to carry the "REAL" rings and Mason he is just a stud:)

The next day we went on a trail walk..."Me" not prepared for trail walking only had high 2 miles walking/jogging with heels on...I am so ready for the high heel running race...I even ran across logs that went over Mother-in-Law dared was so much fun..brought a lot of childhood memories for me, as I grew up in the sticks....Skylar was so fear of was great just to set them free and let them be "KIDS"....Mason had tons of bear stories :) It was great to spend time with the WHOLE family!!!!
Here are our adventurous pictures:)


Pedergraham said...

Your girls look so beautiful. Glad that you had a fun weekend. I am going to have to take a closer look for that little bun... And, you would TOTALLY win the high heel race. My little girl would be your number one fan!

rr said...

Mel - I thought you were giving us some news!! And that you really, really were crazy :)

Your family is so darn gorgeous it's just crazy!!

jahowie said...

Great pics of the family. Your kids are very cute. I'm glad that you had a good time.

TriGirl Kate O said...

Kids look absolutely fabulous in your blog header! Hiking in heels could be a new XTerra event.

Wes said...

No, no... Four proves she is crazy :-) You guys are such a beautiful family!!! I hope you enjoyed your trip to BFE ROFL!!!

Anonymous said...

Never cease to crack me up!!!

Glad you survived!


Trigirlpink said...

Oh Man... me too! I thought #5 is comin'!!! Anyway you look simply beautious along with your sweet family. Glad you all had fun at the wedding!!!

Mira Lelovic said...

You scared me there for a minute with the bump. Great pictures, you look beautiful as always! Glad you had such a great trip.

Damie said...

okay, so no real bun in the oven. I had to settle down there for a minute :)

Emilee said...

I have been so anxious to see photos from the wedding! Jason is married, congrats to him! You guys should seriously have more kids since it's pretty obvious that the two of you make really good looking kids together. Really! Could they be any better looking? Say hi to Todd, Terry & Cindy for me! xoxo

kerrie said...

you all look gorgeous as usual! at first your title took me by surprise ;).....anywho, i can't believe nobody told you! i once taught a class with my shirt almost completely unbuttoned and was shocked that nobody told me...

Laura said...

SO cute that you took your shoes off so you wouldn't be taller! I have that problem too. :)

Steve Stenzel said...

Great photos! (even monster head)

Sarah said...

I didn't have time to comment the other day when I read this. But I SO WANTED TO because I was CRACKING UP AT YOUR TITLE! And then the whole time I kept thinking "so she going to announce something?" PHEW!

And you totally DON'T look like you have a bun in the oven, btw. ;)

So where did you go off to that was 2 hrs from SF? I thought of you last weekend and was hoping for good weather for you guys!

Hope next time we can actually meet up. :) CUTE PICS!!

(except monster head...ewww...)

Eileen Swanson said...

OMG - BEAUTIFUL PICS! You all look amazing! I cant believe we didnt get together while you were in town. But by the looks of where you were staying, I think that is in Marin which is 60-70 mins away from us AND you were super busy! Next time for sure ;)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

GREAT pictures - you guys look great! Running across logs in high heels? Crazy! :) I would have surely broken something important. Sounds like a busy but very exciting time!

Cricket said...

Great post- I love the pictures! The bun in the oven thing is hilarious! Sounds like something I would do... You all looked amazing- Glad you had a special trip!
You crack me up!

Paul said...

Great family pictures. Looks like a great time!