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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I LOVE coaching Skylar's team

This picture has nothing to do with this post..but Mason had his
school program and he was the cutest pumpkin ever:)

Our 1st game photo:)

YES....I finally got my computer back...Oh how I missed it:) So I wrote this basketball report days ago, but was waiting on computer so I can add the Mother/daughter photo we do every year for the first game!!! I KNOW I still need to do Florida trip write up and ALSO need to do a write up on Todd doing the Ultraman this weekend in Hawaii...MAN I have a lot to write about:) when I have my computer my mind is BLANK...then when I don't have it I have so MUCH to talk about:) Geezzee....AND I so need to do some blog reading catch sleep for me tonight!!!!


I got the coaching position again, this will be my fourth year coaching with the first two years as assistant coach and the last two years as solo head coach...I always get intimidated as the last two seasons I have been the only female coach!! We were an undefeated team last year and I got all of my players and some new ones back this year so a total of 10 girls:) We are solid, it is funny as last year we only had one tall girl and this year we have 4 and two of them is around my height...(yikes) and these are fifth graders and then we have my daughter Skylar as one of the smallest on the team but a true scrapper:)

I don't know WHY I get so nervous before a game... I get so strung out on coffee to try to calm down, but back fires and puts me in a daze:) I get the cold sweats too!!! We had our first pre-game tournaments last weekend and we played 4 local schools and CRUSHED every team...I had a middle school coach come up to me and said "if I was betting, I would place the $$ bet on your team" damn I WISH I could make some money at this (JK)

The best part of coaching for me is to see the girls grow confidence within themselves...especially the new girls who have never played before...they are scared to even it is my job to make them BELIEVE in themselves and YES they can:)

We had our first season game today and I will admit I am a loud mouth coach...I stomp my feet...I yell at the ref's.....I correct the girls and I bench lazy players...I want them to have fun and LOVE basketball, but I also want them to play smart and learn the skills that go along with it...We did WIN 20 to 9 today and the girls were estactic, I always like the first game as that is what sets us up for our season...the improvements are huge here on after, the BELIEVING...the comfort...the YES I can..the SELF-CONFIDENCE!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

So here was my cheery post and I am sure there will be many more Basketball reports to come:)

****Thank you for Everyones kind comments and concerned emails and text guys are the best and totally blow me away:)...I am going through some personal issues at the moment, but trying to work through them as best as I can...but not ready to post about it:( But thank you for your concerns:)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...enjoy your families!!


Chelley Klatt said...

What a GREAT Mom you are! Can I be on your team? I am not good at basketball at all.

Great to hear you are up and running with the computer again! Keep your chin up BFF, this to shall pass!!

kerrie said...

thanks for the "cheery post"! i hope that things are going better. i'm sure that sky is so proud to have you as her coach - what a great experience to share!!

Wes said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mel! I love your blogs "new look" LOL... OK. I'm posting an all points bulletin to the referee corp in your district!!! :-)

Wes said...

p.s. You guys are NEVER far from my thoughts....

Damie said...

I bet you are a fantastic coach! I love coaching girls soccer, and I feel the same way- develop confidence and skills...and a good, loving coach is embedded forever in a player's mind. keep it up and post some more pics, coach!!!

Trigirlpink said...

The hottest girls soccer coach in OHIO!!!!!!! I hope you had a great Thankgiving! I love your new skully/hearts background!

Kellye Mills said...

Hey Mel! First of all, your blog is awesome! Totally suits you! Secondly, I'm glad you have your computer back,so we can hear about you and all of your coaching tactics! You're awesome! :) I hope everything is working out for you. You know no matter what, you've got 4 pretty amazing people that sure do love their mom! :)

Eileen Swanson said...

You are an awesome coach!! SWEET! Mel, you know I am so amazed by everything you do for your amazing kids! I am sure Skylar loves having a kick ass coach ;-)

Lots of love,
E, R and B

BreeWee said...

Way to hold down the home front over the holidays! Coaching, mothering, having your own life... phewww... you are doing it!!

I am thankful for you!!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Sounds like you're holding up well and I hope you had a good T'giving. Love the new background. I would be a horrible coach--and leave that job to Joe. Joey's friends always want to be on his team when his dad coaches.

Sarah said...


Anyway, this is so sweet. I know I must sound like a broken record but you are really an amazing woman and I really respect you for everything you manage to pull off - for yourself, your kids, your family.

You sound like such an awesome basketball coach! You have all the right goals in mind. You go, woman!!!

Sorry about the personal stuff...yuck. Sending you love and positive thoughts from CA.

(p.s. Love the new blog look!!)

Laura said...

That is so awesome you are coaching! I'd love to do that someday. Can't wait to hear more about the season!

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and I too love the new look!

jahowie said...

It's very cool that you are coaching again. You are a great Mom!! I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving.

TriGirl Kate O said...

Just read Bree's post on UltraMan. Todd is amazing--you must be so proud. Congratulations must go to you on his finish too. Takes a lot of sacrifice from the family for him to succeed like that. Hugs.

Pedergraham said...

Go basketball players! Maybe you can post up a little video from one of the games this season. Stay tough, Mel.