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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa welcome to my crib:)

Skylar saying "Mom let kids be kids"

This is what Skylar's room looks like after "MOM"
cleans it!!!!

This is Madison's room after "MOM" cleans


This is the "after-school" snack mess..notice

the peanut butter smeared on the sink....

This pile of laundry is formed within 15min

this is the kids idea of picking up their clothes....

"lets throw it in the laundry pile:( "

This is Konor trying to hurry up and

clean his room before I get the evidence "on

how messy he really is:":) BUSTED!!!

Madison did not care...she went to bed

and told me "that Santa would forgive her"

Dear Santa...I am writing you this to let you know what "REALLY" goes on in my house with 4 kids....yes I know they look very sweet and they really are good kids...but this Mom has had ENOUGH...I am tired of cleaning "THEIR" rooms and I am tired of doing loads of laundry...oh and when they come home from school and help themselves to a after-school is the BIGGEST mess ever...I mean seriously should a Mom really have to clean up everything or should I be getting my whip out:) I have been threatening these kids with "Santa" is watching and even had a bad and good chart going...NOTHING works....So Santa I took these pictures of my kids messes with them being surprised as you will see in some of the photo's..I told them I was going to post this for the WHOLE world to see what slobs they really are and hoping this will change their ways:) We are coming to see you again this weekend...can you please tell them to be easy on me and to help out more... I am a busy person...Basketball 3 times a week...Soccer once a two times a week...4Kids... a much needy husband....3 I do not have time for all this extra BS.......I know black mail is not nice..but I really just need some help....thank you Santa:)


Sue said...

Ok, this one hit home with me...I told my kiddos know is a good time to donate their stuff on the floor to worked for a bit and we managed to get rid of some junk...thanks for the laugh. As for the hubby, I just throw his stuff out on trash day..he never seems to know it is gone..

Chelley Klatt said...

I am with Sue on this one! Bag up there stuff and wait a while to see if it makes a difference. Just the threat of losing the stuff would scare Annie and Abbie. It would be worth a try.

You work so hard, you don't need to be "the Cleaning Lady" too. They need to help you out. You are a GREAT Mom Mel, this to shall pass!

Jennifer Harrison said...

HA! Santa sent letters to Morgan and Graham and told them IF their rooms and laundry and chores were not done, that he will put them on his "naughty list!" (their faces were priceless!)...THIS year - they will be 7 in January, IT WORKED...not much longer, but for now....Jerome and I are like, "oh yeahhh baby!" Their rooms have been spotless ever since! WOO! :) haha

kerrie said...

ha ha! i think you may be on to something - i may have to try tht :)...the santa threat isn't working!

Lily on the Road said...

Madison did not care...she went to bed and told me "that Santa would forgive her"

Oh Mel, that cracked me right up!!

Hope Santa reads your letter!!

Mira Lelovic said...

Too funny! I like Jen's idea. I've never thought of sending my kids letters FROM Santa. Hmmm, might be work a try, at least my 6 year old will fall for it!

Hope you get all your Christmas wishes answered, Mel!

Wes said...

LOL... Only five more years until Dee Dee and I have the house to ourselves, not that I'm counting or anything. My youngest sez he's never moving out. Little does he know, that is NOT an option ;-)

Trigirlpink said...

Good God.
Your poor laundry pile. I don't know how you keep up and still look fresh as a daisy. Mind boggling.
Madison's tree in her room is SO CUTE!!!!

Dear Santa
Please send Mel an extra special something for having to face that laundry hill.

Jill Costantino said...

OMG - Santa please HELP Mel out!!!


Anonymous said...

More MILF picturse please!
Love Santa

Anonymous said...

I will send Santa a letter and retract everything I asked for...I am sending him directly to your house!!!! Love ya!

Damie said...

Surely Santa has to listen to your plea. I hope he gives you the gift of more time and clean kids rooms this upcoming year! (oh, and some cute splishies and a new running PR, and a...)

Sarah said...

Awww MEL! I was CRACKING UP!! This is hilarious!!!

"Santa will forgive me," HA!

I think you've gotten some good advice here and since I don't have kids (just a bf to clean up after...I can't even IMAGINE having MORE to pick up...) I don't have too much to offer.

I love the idea of putting their stuff in bags...

You really are super mom, you know that? Amazing!

Anonymous said...

How funny, Will Smith was on Oprah the other day and he had the same problem. So he told his kids that "their" rooms were actually his and that he and their mother were nice enough to give them a room to sleep in. He said it really changed their children's perspective when he told them to clean "his" room.

Marni said...

I think Santa will be able to find his way to the tree. But he might need an extra night in your house :)
I love the pink color on the wall of skylars room!

Dolphin Boy said...

I want to see mommy's dirty room!! LOL!!!

Mel said...

Ha ha DB,,,,my room is really dirty..ha ha I am serious I have clothes everywhere...but I am not wanting any gifts from my room does not count:)

jahowie said...

Wow!! I don't know how you do it.

Steve Stenzel said...

What? The laundry pile DOESN'T count as "cleaned up?"


Happy Holidays!!

Kellye Mills said...

Yeah, it's a good thing Santa is very forgiving, or Gracie really would have ended up with some switches or coal or something after the past 2 weeks she's had! Merry Christmas! :)

Eileen Swanson said...

Too funny! But seriously I love all the comments abotu telling the kids Santa will put them on their naughty list, priceless!! They'll fall for it for sure, well I hope for your sake ;-) Love ya Mel!!

Trigirlpink said...

where art thou?