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Friday, May 1, 2009

36 versus 8.....I don't see the difference:)~


This is me around Konor's age:)~ so YOUNG!!

OK ya ya ya the 8yr old beats me:) he is GOOD!!

I would say I am just as flexible or even more so than a 8 year old:)
Today 8 years ago I was celebrating my Birthday by giving BIRTH to my second child Konor and barfing pizza and Birthday cake at the hospital (note do not try to eat minutes after giving birth....stomach can't handle more work that quickly:)....He was the BEST Birthday present God could give me!!

So last night I was all snuggled in bed ready to dream about CAKE...well that was the KID in me..even tho the dream did not even come close to enjoying a piece of did give me WTF and a smile...I some how ended up on a cruise ship and at a line of a food buffet with this little chubby snot nose kid (I think it was the chubby snot nose kid from "Bad Santa" got me on him)anyways, he was wanting me to help him put some fish on his of course I did and I looked around for his parents..I all of a sudden turned from that kid wanting to dream about CAKE and turned into a MOTHER...I was worried that this kid might be allergic to I was in hunt for his parents to see if it was OK for him to eat the fish...and in the search of trying to find his parents I WOKE up and laid there wide awake and was thinking WTF was that all about:) ha!! I think I would have rather dreamt about giving birth than this twisted dream..but who know maybe it is a sign for something:)

I remember around this time last year I received my first and only negative comment here on my blog and she stated that I acted more like a "child" than a "mother"...ya know what SHE IS RIGHT...but so what!! I DON"T need to just be a Mom who is saying "pick up your room"..."brush your teeth" " GO TO BED" SSHHHHHH...I do say these things a lot...but I look up the photo's above and I see more than just a Mom and son...I SEE a friendship....a little I would not trade it!! I think AGE is just a number!!

Happy Birthday my little man Konor...I LOVE you so much!! Daddy and I are so lucky to have you as our son:) We are so Proud of you!!!

We are celebrating our Birthday at the kids school carnival tonight....YIP I will always be a KID:) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!


Wes said...

I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to request a retake of that skateboard shot. I need to see those front wheels up in the air :-)

Happy Birthday to both of you! I hope you have a wonderful fabulous day.

p.s. What you think about yourself is always most important, no?

Shan said...

OMG MEL!!!! Those pictures are AMAZING! Love your Desoto gear ;).

Happy Birthday to you and Konor - may you both have the most FABULOUS day filled with smiles, laughter and best of all, CAKE!!


Kona Shelley said...

Happy Happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Jill Costantino said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Mel! Great skateboarding pics!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

What adorable pictures! Mel - your 8 year old pic is so cute! :) Happy birthday to you both!!! And for the record - I think you do a fantastic job of balancing being a Mom AND being friends with your kids. Way to go!!!

Cricket said...

Have a great day you 2! what an awesome gift to share your birthday with your mom/ son!
You both are adorable...both blessd!
Happy Happy Year!

Mer! said...

I love your blog!! What a cute tribute to your Konor...just adorable! Your kids are so very lucky to have a FUN're right you can be FUN and teach them to be good people all at once!!! =0

Thank you so much for your thoughts on my blog....I totally appreciate it...I have read your blog a few times before and I like reading it now even more so to remind myself that you CAN balance motherhood and have time for some FUN and oh yeah, a little triathlon/or running =0.

Thanks so much Mel!!!

kerrie said...

happy birthday Konor and Mel!!! Who is older today? And who gets more cake?

Jennifer Harrison said...

Happy bday MEL and Konor !!!! LOVE the pics - you are soo cute and of course, Konor!!! ENJOY the day! :) xo

Pedergraham said...

Konor, your mom is awesome and about a billion times more flexible than me (and she and I are the same age). Hope you all have a great time tonight.

Bruce Stewart (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

Happy Birthday, Melissa. I agree that being friends with your children is very important. One day you will probably depend on them, too.

Anonymous said...

Madison looks like you when you were younger !!

Konor is growing so much ....I'll never forget him saying
"get your own baby Tesa"!

Love you both !!
BFF ~Tesa

rr said...

Happy birthday Konor!! And you are the cutest mom EVER :)

Ward said...

Happy b-day Mel and Konor... Those pics crack me up...

jahowie said...

What an ignorant comment!! You look like a fun Mom!! There is nothing wrong with being friends with your kids. BTW...that's a hilarious dream. I can see that kid from Bad Santa and it's cracking me up!! LOL

Marni said...

Love the pics! YOu look great..and super happy :)

Trigirlpink said...

Such a great post Mel! Thanks for sharing. That is soooo cool that you and Konor have the same birthday... er but not barfing up pizza. :-)

BreeWee said...

Oh Mel, this post made me almost cry, I LOVE it! I had no idea you and Koner shared birthdays, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY to you both, and KEEP ON HAVING FUN!