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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!! Here's 2 PEACE -n- HAPPINESS

We Pawned the kids off on Grandma and Grandpa for an sleepover...So we headed out to a nice dinner and we were going to head to the movies but decided to hit a Racing for Recovery meeting..I really do enjoy these meetings even tho I am not a addict and never touched a drug in my is always good for me to be around people trying to get their lives together and come to terms that just because they have this addiction/sickness they are just as normal as me...I have a lot of the same insecurities as them but do not need to pick up a drink or drug to make myself feel better, that does not make me any better than them, just fortunate enough not to have that addiction in my blood...The meeting was a eye opener for me as there were Salvation Army (homeless) people there...very sad...lost there family and job because they "could not" or "want" to beat there addiction,,,but after hitting "rock bottom" they are wanting a better life and wanting to get back what the have lost...they want to LIVE....LIFE is a beautiful thing :) So here is to EVERY addict out there struggling...THERE IS fight the fight and come out the winner!!!