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Friday, January 4, 2008

Trying to protect your child....without them living in a bubble!!!!

Being a Mother is a tough job...I have a hard enough time making decisions for myself...let alone trying to make the right decision for one of my children! My two older kids are at the age now where they are getting invited for play dates...and let me tell ya it is really scary...something you do not even think about until you get the call from the other parent...then you are stuck on the spot to respond with a answer....My two older kids have different personalities...Skylar had a lot of friends starting in preschool and at that age I would go with her to the friends house and kinda of get the FEEL.....then she started grade school and she is Miss SOCIAL...had a lot of good friends she has been friends with for I have gotten to know the friend and their families...BUT she has other girls I just can not get a GOOD feeling about and it is so hard to explain to Skylar why she can not go to their house....I really believe in the "MOTHER INSTINCT" I always try to follow my GUT feeling and not saying my GUT feeling is always right...In this case it was.... Skylar was invited to go to a girls house....and I just had that I said NO...2 days later the girl comes to school with a BIG gash in her leg from her father cutting her with a knife and she was all wrapped up...of course the girl said it was an "ACCIDENT" they ended up moving away 2months later....

Now that Konor is getting invited to do play dates...I try to come up with excuses why he can not come.....He is my shy/emotional kid and I always worry with him not coming to me if something upset him :( I finally caved in by letting him go to a friends house was hard driving home and wanted to turn around and get him...Their are too many SICK people out there and it really scares me, BUT I want the kids to have friends and we do a lot of play dates here at our house. and I do a lot of school functions to get to know other parents and kids..I just want to PROTECT them the best I can!!!

This story does not help the situation any.....Their is this family with 3 kids ages 6, 4, 11months... we know the Father REALLY well and I have meet the Mother once and I THOUGHT she was sweet...Well, to find out she has been abusing these poor kids and it makes me sick to think about it...She would do it when the father was at work....The 6 year old girl had 2 broken arms in 1 year period and the 4 year old boy had 2 dislocated shoulder in 2 years period...HELLO you would think this would be a red flag....Children services did not intervene until the 6 year old girl came to school and said her crotch find out she was bruised down there from her Mother kicking her there repeatedly....It is obvious this Mom is sick "she says the devil made her do it" She needs help....The father has been mentally abused by this woman for years and was going to divorce her then she ended up pregnant...The Father is super smart 4.0 GPA all through college....How do such SMART people end up being so STUPID and be blinded from the abuse.....NOW the kids are being shuffled between relatives..they are very immature and emotionally wrecked...When I found this story out I wanted to go find this mother and Kick her a$$ and see how she likes it....but I know she is SICK and needs help and am sure she will get it after she does her jail time....

I Look at my kids and just tear up thinking how could someone hurt someone this innocent...... YES my kids drive me NUTS A LOT...but would NEVER abuse them!!!! They are mine to protect!!!!


Kellye Mills said...

Hi Mel!

Thanks for the comment on my page! Wow! 4 kids! I have no idea how you do it all. My 2 keep me so busy. My sister has 4 kids and all she does is kid stuff. I'm always encouraging to get out and do stuff for herself as well, so I think it's awesome that you are able to balance it all. They are beautiful as well!

It is hard trusting other adults with your children. I even worry about if Cooper is being treated fairly in his pre-school class :) I say just stick with your instinct. You seem to be doing well with it thus far.

Happy New Year!

Emilee said...

I am SO glad to know that I'm not the only one that worries to this extent!!!!!!!

kerrie said...

i worry about this too, especially with my oldest who is wanting to be more independent...yet at the same time she is still my little girl. i am finally letting her bike 3/4 mile home from school along a bike path 'by herself'(she is usually with 1 or 2 classmates) but i pace until i hear her outside the door! it is hard to stop worrying!!