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Friday, February 1, 2008


So hear we go again..MORE SNOW..GOOD THING I got my 10 mile run in yesterday or it would have been a LOOOONNNGGG boring run on the treadmill... I am REALLY getting sick of the 2 degree weather and the windy conditions so why not add the white stuff with it?????? So here was my fun day...can't let the snow get ya down!!!! SO SNOW


AND LEADS TO THIS: School has been CANCELED 2 times already this week..the first time due to freezing conditions and today, due to the snow!! So here's to a fun day to make the best out of the cold snow...LETS gather the neighborhood kids to build a snowman(woman) and we named her EMMA..she's pretty fancy:)

LEADS TO THIS...too icky outside to have to be stuck inside on the trainer for a LOOOOONNNNGGGG ride..SO I decided to watch the movie "Good Luck Chuck" with Jessica Alba and Dane Cook...thinking it would be pretty funny since Dane Cook was in it and I think he is a pretty funny guy......WELL, I was shocked...If anyone saw this movie it is more like a PORNO a lot of BOOBS and all kinds of creative sex postions..NOT the type of movie I was thinking would be good while riding a bike...PLUS my kids are running around the house and when they hear SCREAMING and MOANING you KNOW that is going to get their attention....SO let's say GOOD LUCK CHUCK did not make the cut :) Would not recommend this movie to entertain you while training inside!!!!

I am dreaming of WARM weather PLEASE!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mel! I say that movie myself and thought the same thing! It was WAY over the top and not what I was expecting either.

It looks like you all had fun in the snow!! You really are Super Mom!!

Anonymous said...

Saw...not say (note to self:proof read!) OOPS!

Kellye Mills said...

I'm bummed about the movie! I LOVE Dane Cook and have been wanting to see it. Thanks for the heads up. :)

I LOVE the snow woman! She looks awesome!

And looking good on that trainer! It looks like your working hard!!

I know it's not NEAR as cold here as it is there, but I'm hoping for warmer weather too!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Nice job Mel! Hoorah - you got in your 10 mile run AND the trainer. You rock! Way to show the winter that it won't get YOU down. Love the pictures of your kids - they are adorable! (kind of makes me want my own....) STOP! NO! NOT YET! But they are really cute... :) Hope that it gets warm soon - I'll try to send some Florida "warmth" your way.