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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I faced the unexpected/////AND AM QUESTIONING WHY I AM GETTING FAT!

Thanks for the nice comments from my last blog...BUT I was really hoping that you other triathletes would say you experience the same stuff with the UNEXPECTED...but no one really did :) SO I came to the conclusion that I am NUTS and PARANOID!!!

Well, I know I said I was going to run on the treadmill after the last scary, heart pounding run workout (read my last blog if you are a new reader) .....BUT, I forgot my husband was going out of town...which means I needed to get another good run in before he left and I did not want to do a 10 mile run on the tread....So headed out the same route as the day before...With my EYES wide open and alert ...I am happy to say I only saw a deer run across the street (but then I had to laugh, as I was still thinking what if this deer attacks me) have you ever seen the hunting blooper shows, where a deer thumps a hunter, it is hilarious...That is the ONE thing that made me a little Leary :) So it turned out to be a NICE, PEACEFUL workout!!!

I DO NOT GET THIS....Why does my weight keep going up the more training I do?? It gets so FLIPPIN depressing....Since the summer my weight is like a YO YO...I will admit I am not the healthiest eater, BUT I do not eat a the beginning of the summer I was at a healthy 125 then dropped to unhealthy 114 (due to family issues) then up to 122, stayed at this weight for most of the summer. Went on vacation in early fall and ATE MYSELF and went up to 127 and it has been shit I am at 129 even with the training I am doing....I am wondering if it is ALL the coffee I drink..So I might have to jump on the KELLYE wagon(her's being Diet Coke) and stop drinking so much coffee...I feel like this EXTRA weight is dragging my speed back....I can still wear most of my clothes,,,,but I do notice most of the weight seems to shift to my upper legs, for that is where my jeans are tight........Maybe I need to do a weight chart on my blog like Kate has on hers(for motivation)......I do not get this weight crap how you work your ass off and gain weight and do not tell me it is muscle (to be nice)... OK that is IT....I am going to get back to my ideal weight of bye bye to my 4 a day cup of coffee....WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA But I can't have both......wish me luck as I struggle not to be grumpy without my coffee!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!


Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

Go Mel! You can do it! I was a big time coffee drinker at one time and I have to admit that once I realized how many calories were in my daily mocha latte...out the door it went! I actually just now opt for the skinny latte ONCE a day (I could drink them all day everyday!) so I am still getting my coffee fix just not all the other "junk". I am in the same boat as you know...struggle, struggle, struggle with the weight. It's tought being Super Mom and Super Wife (THAT'S YOU!) while trying to train. I swear the training is the easy part and the weight is the hardest part. Hey-Jen H. left a comment on my blog that she's up 5 pounds to so you are not alone. You can do it!!! Be strong!!!

kerrie said...

no no, don't give up coffee...that would be the death of me! You know what, it is winter and I think it is perfectly healthy to put on some weight this time of year. I think all of the base training ups your appetite....I am sure that it will come off in the spring when it starts to warm up. Besides, you look great in all of your pics!!!!

Anonymous said...

YES, I carry about 5 lbs of extra weight on me in the winter....I am nearly 5'8" and like to race at 130 or so....but I am about 5 lbs heavy. I don't fret too much about it in the winter = not that I LIKE IT...but like today, we couldn't even GET outside with nearly 14" of snow - so while I was on the computrainer/tread today and swam (don't ask how I got to the pool)...I STILL hibernate a bit in the winter....just had homemade turkey chili for dinner....But, it will ALL come off once SPRING is here! :)) Jen H. And, yes, you look great in your pics, no worries!

BreeWee said...

I agree, your photos look great. I think as a mom, wife, athlete, WOMAN it is so normal to have a pound here and there and to stress about it here and there... don't freak. Okay, we got your back, make a little chart thing like Katie to keep yourself accountable if you need too, but know that everything in moderation except laughing is OKAY...

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hi Mel,
You are beautiful! You look healthy, and you mentioned that your clothes (for the most part) fit well.
Weight can be frustrating - as there are SO MANY DIFFERENT FACTORS that can lead to a small amount of weight gain/loss. A nutritionist friend of mine mentioned that women in particular, can fluctuate up to 3 pounds of water weight per day - depending on food choices, hormones, stress... etc...
Plus - its winter. Once you get past the base part of your training, it'll come off (it's a heckuva lot easier to work out outside and follow thru with all the workouts when its warm vs 5 degrees!)
Scales are overrated - they help to show a trend. What you should go for is a body fat analysis... that way you can determine your muscle-to-fat ratio. So when you increase in weight, you can realize that it's because you've been doing some serious power on the bike and have put on muscle... remember that muscle weighs more than fat.
Accountablility is good - but it can also be bad. Don't fall into the trap of being a "slave" to the scale. Your weight does not equate to self worth... IF the number is high one day - what does that mean?
Are you a bad person? No.
Is your self worth lower? NO.
Does this mean you won't go out and be the best Mom, wife, triathlete, etc you can be? Absolutely not.
Look for a trend...but realize that the numbers are only part of the story.
Hang in there - we all go throug this.

Brooke Myers said...

Oh yes, we all go through the 3lbs. up and 3 lbs. down on the scale. I used to be extremely obsessed with weighing myself that I was so frusterated mentally from jumping on that darn thing 10 x's a day. I now weigh myself about every Friday morning or every other before my 6:00 am yoga class - so I see a consistancy with when and what time of day I am weighing in. I know it changes due to female issues and such, but it takes the stress off my back by not being consumed daily by the scale.
Heck, I do not even own one because I will fall short and use it every time I have to bathroom if it was in my house..Just remember there are so many different factors playing into weight and def. muscle weighs more than fat, so thats good to remember.

Kellye Mills said...

Weight is EVERY woman's issue. :)

Don't worry. When I went from being just a runner, which keeps you nice and lean to doing triathlons, my thighs got larger, I went up a size in jeans, and I've put on about 10lbs!!

Maybe it's just the nature of the sport! Hang in there and don't worry. As long as you feel good, and you do look great, everything's fine!

Wes said...

so many smart women :-) The body adds a little extra weight in the winter, and it retains water as needed to repair muscles. As far as the thighs go, yea, those get big (muscles) when you hit the bike hard. I would think you'll shed a few unexpected pounds when the weather warms up!

As far as coffee goes, it forces water out of your system, and I don't think it is necessarily bad for you unless you are putting half a cup of sugar in it like I was for eight years :-D

Marni said...

Hey Mel!
I have been reading you blog and I think you have a great family. It is great to read about your family and training and how you try to fit it all in!!! keep up the hard work with your training! Great posts!

Mel said...

Thanks everyone....I know it is a all woman's struggle....I have my days where it really doesn't bother me....then days where I am like wtf...I am putting training in and gaining weight and some times when I do not work out I lose it get frustrated...but all good...thank you for sharing your weight battle stories too as that helps to deal with mine :)