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Saturday, February 9, 2008

I AM WHOOPED...tired, tired ....TIRED

As my blogger friends have called me "Super MOM" Well, today I feel like it!! I got up early to get Konor to his Basketball game by 8:15 for team photo's...I was excited as this is the first time I get to "really" get to watch his game...since I am usually at Skylar's game coaching and they always ended up playing the same time at different locations...So it was just me and little man up bright and early to head to his game...At this young of age the kids are crazy and out of control...too cute....They do not pass the ball every kid is a BALL I warned Konor if you are going to score, you will need either to steel the ball or get the rebound....he was fired up and wanted to show Mom his moves :) So the game starts and I sit there containing myself not to be loud.....( I was like a little kid on Christmas day) I wanted to coach him so bad, I was squirming around in my chair...and I could not take it anymore...I yelled "Konor you need to get more aggressive and get the rebound" He looked at me and gave me the shew away motion..the family sitting next to me busted out in laughter...I giggled and said it is taking every inch in me not to stand up and coach him ( I told them I coach they didn't think I was a weirdo)...Well, what I said worked...he was aggressive and got the rebounds and SCORED 5 baskets to add 10 points to his team...and let me tell you he had the BIGGEST smile on his face after each basket :) Tomorrow he starts Iceless that should be a lot of fun!!!!

I needed a COFFEE NOW.....I wanted to go back to now we had to stop at the grocery store and load up on food... Konor wanted EVERYTHING in the dam store...and would give me his cute little grin and say " I think I deserve it after all the points I scored " :)

Got home had to hurry up and make them lunch and then straight to Skylar's game, with the whole crew in tow we are off...let me recap here...last night at dinner Skylar asked if out neighbor girl Tori could spend the night and I said YES, BUT they needed to go to bed early, so Skylar would be nice and rested for the game that WE NEED TO WIN....Skylar says "Mom it isn't about winning, it is about having fun" I said " NO, NOT ON MY TEAM, IT IS ALL ABOUT WINNING" I continued on saying how bummed the team was after our one loss....we do not want that feeling BED EARLY or no sleep over!!!

On to the game.....the score was a low one today.....Not because it wasn't a good game but it was a defensive game....We have met our match with being aggressive , they were VERY aggressive and a good team, we're just better :) It was a fast pace game and back n fourth the whole time....we only had 2 girls from our team score and that was Skylar who scored 8 points and Rylee who also score 8...We ended up winning 16 to 3 ......Low score but still a victory so YIPPEE :) ONE more to win and we are the CHAMPS!!!

So we get home and I decide, I need to get a run in! So head out for a 10 mile run,,,,,and I felt like the Hulk...breaking through concrete walls...It was super windy and I would put my head down and keep pushing away, some times I felt like I wasn't was that powerful...but glad I got it done...I am cooked I have put in 30 miles of running in 3 days... When it gets stressful at home, I head out for a run to clear my I have warned the family.....PLEASE no stress the next couple of days, my legs are sore and need a break :) This is the first time I have sat down to put my feet up...So today, I am SUPER MOM :)

Thanks for reading :)



BreeWee said...

GOOD FOR YOU SUPER MOM! Put those legs up, drink your coffee, and breathe! Just breathe...

Anonymous said...

Phew! I too LOVE watching the kids at their sporting stuff....My daughter in ballet (hee)...but, like you, I have to sit on my hands and tape my mouth shut when they are playing b/c I get into it too! :) REST UP! Jen H.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...


Nice job on your run AND with your family... way to go Mel!

I too - like to run when I feel stressed out. It's the place I go to when I want to decompress... most excellent. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Kellye Mills said...

Wow! With 4 kids, you are Super Mom everyday!! Congratulations on the win!

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

30 miles in 3 days, WOW! Here's to you Super Mom..I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get some time off your feet and some wel deserved rest this week!

Wes said...

After spending all weekend at a soccer tournament, I know just how you feel, but I only ran 9 miles :-) As the kiddos get older and can do more for themselves, the stress and hurry up and go type stuff does ease a lot...

I think a nomination for Coach of the Year is in order :-D