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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby all grown up :(

WAAAAAHHHH..I miss this stage!!

His cool New bike:)

Mommy LOVES you!!

3 years ago yesterday, I was pushing my LAST baby out....Mason....It was kind of a sad day for me, as knowing this is my LAST baby and he is not a baby anymore...Something about when they reach the age of 3 they lose their little baby personalities and turn into little boys...I LOVE the little baby stages, .I like the snuggling, the cooing, the SMELL, the unbreakable bond, the innocents,the baby steps, all the cute little FIRSTS...the first smile, the first laugh, the first goofy tooth, the first step, you get my point a lot of fond, beautiful memories ....I find myself thinking ONE MORE BABY...then SNAP, what the HECK am I thinking....NO WAY, ARE YOU NUTS!!!! So even though my Mason turned 3 he will always be my baby:)

Off the Birthday subject.....My husband Todd did Rhode Island half Ironman over the weekend and did awesome...hit a've come along way maybe I will listen to some of your training advice to me.....Nah (JK)
Happy day to all!!!


kerrie said...

happy bithday mason! i hear you about the little babies though - sometimes i see a little one and think, oh wouldn't that be nice!?!? then i remind myself to snap out of it as someone still doesn't sleep all night and i have just moved out of that constant zombie state.

Ward said...

What a handsome young man... he's got great gene's to work with! My oldest turned 7 on the 12th.. I know it's clique' to say but it really does feel like it was yesterday that I was watching him come into this world.. The greatest commodity this world has to offer is youth.. even though were in it for a very short time. Soak in the moment and reap the rewards and the challenges they bring! Happy birthday Mason!

Wes said...

It is the "firsts" that make raising children such a joy. Now, I get to look forward to my kid's children. I get to spoil them, enjoy their firsts, then send them home with Mom and Dad :-)

Happy Birthday, Mason!!

(congrats to hubby too!!)

Kona Shelley said...

Congrats to your husband and happy birthday to your son. I was wondering if you husband would write a report on the race, I'd like to do it!!

Steve Stenzel said...

"pushing my LAST baby out..." that's a pleasant way of putting it! ;)

Happy b-day little guy!!!!

Trigirlpink said...

Wow! Mason scored a new bike for his big 3,eh???

He's gonna be a heart breaker, just wait. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd bday Mason! I asked Jerome the other day...."Honey, are you sure you are done?" hee hee..tick tock goes the clock, I said. He just looked at me like I told him we won the lottery, "ARE YOU NUTS?" hee hee....I don't love the baby stage, so yes, we are done, but it is sad...and I only get to go thru each stage ONCE with twins. BOO HOO. :) congrats to todd on his race! :) JEN H.

jahowie said...

Happy Birthday to Mason!! I really like reading about how much you love your kids. :-) Congrats to Todd!!

Lily on the Road said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mason!!

Congrats Todd! That is awesome! Good for you Mel to have such a wonderful loving family!!

Liam O'Connell said...

pr in ri is impressive
thats a tough course, congrats to your man

nice blog

Pedergraham said...

He looks so happy on his bike. Hope he had a great b-day and that you are back in the swing of training.

Damie said...

You make being a mother sound so wonderful...I am almost convinced. I am not getting any younger, that is for sure! You guys have a great weekend too.

BreeWee said...

Oh I love it. Mel you and your family are so amazing, I am really glad you share your family life with us. What a beautiful mom and son... happy birthday little guy!

Eileen Swanson said...

SO ADORABLE! Love your pics! Happy B day to your little one ;-) You are so awesome Mel!


Marni said...

SO cute!!!!
Not anymore...looks like you have your hands full with almost-teenagers :) hehe

Paul said...

So cute! My wife is saying the same thing with our son. He's only 6 months but she wants him to stay like that. :)