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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


4th of July photo "Madison wants to know if the fireworks hit God up in the sky??" :)

That is it...I ran out of excuses ......back at it THIS WEEK....I have a race coming up in less than 4 weeks....I have only ran a couple of times and have not seen any water since my last race over 4 weeks ago and have not been on my bike since the race yes over 4 weeks has collected some cob webs ;) Sunday was my BIG day back...I ran 8 miles and it felt a little sluggish and the plan was to really start getting on that bike...WELL...Monday was too windy, so I went and ran 10miles and felt pretty good...Tuesday comes, YIP still too windy, so day, was windy but if I keep waiting for the perfect day, the day might never come...stop being a pussy and get out there!!! The legs BURNED the first 4 miles, but ahhhhhhh it felt so great to be out there again....clearing my head and trust me, lately my head needed some work:) Rode for 1 hour and it was wonderful!!!! Now if I can only get motivated to get in that pool.....Nah, I think I will wait until race day and just wing it like I always do....PLEASE someone send me some of their LOVE for swimming!!!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th weekend!!!

Good luck to everyone that is racing this weekend...Todd and Bryan R at the Rhode Island half Ironman....Bree and Eileen at the Vancouver half !!! Go and kick some booty and have FUN!!!!


Jen said...

I would love to send you some "love of swimming" but I have NONE!

kerrie said...

i'm with jen on that one...but if you do happen to find some of the love, please share :)! i love the pi of your family - you all look gorgeous, as usual!!

Lily on the Road said...

Nice to hear I'm not the only one who took some time away, although I'm not a tri...I'm going to Try-A-Tri this fall...I'll need all the "love" I can get for all three elements!!

Have fun getting back to it!

Kona Shelley said...

Love the water...feel the smoooooothness of it all...:-)) Swimming is your friend.

Ward said...

What a great family pic!! You won't get any kudo's for H2O from me... AARGGG!!

jahowie said...

I don't have any love of swimming either. Maybe someday. I'm glad that you had a good 4th. I'm also glad that you finally got up off of your butt!! ;-)

Wes said...

Overnighting my love for swimming. Unfortunately, there's a rider on open water :-) You're on your own there!!!

(great pic!!)

Anonymous said...

Love the pic!!!

Everyone is sending you good swimming vibes so I am going to send you some extra bike speed just for fun!


Trigirlpink said...

How's that?

Love the red/white/blue nails on the girls!!! What race is coming up?

BreeWee said...

Wish you were coming to Vancouver... train with us???

Mira Lelovic said...

Sorry, you know you won't get any swimming love from me. But I will send you some motivation to get to the pool any way and suffer like me!

Laura said...

Funny you should ask about more swim love... The only way I've made it to the pool the last few months is breakfast club (my blog topic today) with good friends and good coffee right afterwards. If you can find a group to go with, I'd HIGHLY recommend starting something to reward yourself after that swim and getting up so dang early!!! If it works for me, it can work for ANYBODY! Seriously.

Mer! said...

Hi Mel! Not sure if i've ever posted to your blog before, but i'm a "lurker" =0..found your blog through my coach's Amanda and I think you've touched base in "blogland," before with my friend Sassy Shan!

Just wanted to say I think you're awesome and your perseverance for training with the kiddo's schedules and what rock and hopefully someday i'll be an active/fun/creative mom like you!

Oh, yeah and I love swimming so i'm sending some your way....but you need to send me some FAST legs for my 1/2 Vineman race next week..I need some run love!

Keep rockin'!

Jennifer Harrison said...

SWIM LOVE...Oh, MEL...why didn't you call me? I have PLENTY.
I LOVE TO SWIM! I LOVE TO SWIM. We did an open water swim race last night and I was thinking, "does it get any better??" Nope!!! Then, in the pool today I was thinking, "this cold water feels SOOO good since it is soo hot out!" - see...always positive reinforcement. I wish I could swim everyday! Seriously. I am a loser and perhaps I should find another passion, but I LOVE TO SWIM and I can pass some of my enthusiasm to you. A fun workout always helps too - something where you don't have to use your brain!! :)) Jen H.

Dolphin Boy said...

They don't call me Dolphin Boy for nothing! You want some H2O love? I got it.....don't drink the water!haha!
Think of Dolphin boy while you "wing it" during the swim course! Just relax & have fun! I will use my echolocation to guide you through the murky waters! Picture in your mind the scene from Ace Ventura Pet Detective, the dolphins name was "Snowflake" and someone drained his/her tank and poor Snowflake was missing! Then picture Jim Carey (Ace) in a shark tank getting a ride of his life from the shark but he thinks it's Snowflake!! Too when you swim the course, Dolphin boy and Snowflake will help you along!! No worries!!

Good in the meantime go rent Ace Ventura, it's a classic!

Dolphin Boy

Shan said...

Sending all my love for swimming, too!! (Although I'm not too speedy, but I love being in the water).


Sarah said...

Tell ya send me some of your runnin' love and I"ll send you some swimming love.

Damn I could never run for 8 miles if I'd taken that much time off. UGH!!! I HATE RUNNING! Well...hate is a strong word. I dislike running longer than about 8 miles.


Did that help? ;)

CUTE CUTE CUTE 4th picture. You guys are like...the most gorgeous family I have ever seen. Love it!