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Friday, January 23, 2009

This is WHY I am NOT canceling my blog!!!

I have been going back n fourth on continuing my I really have been struggling keeping up on can only write about "SHIT" so many times!! I am not that "happy" "go-lucky" type of girl at the moment that I usually like to the blog has suffered!!! I remember the first time I really started my blog and that was after reading Bree's she was SO honest and pored her heart out there..I even cried and could not believe how a complete stranger could have this effect on me....She was talking about when she first become a mother and how she struggled and not "really" wanting to be a Mom and how she did not feel the instant bond as first time mothers do...she put it all out there with her struggle......I could relate to what she was saying... as I was not so thrilled when I was pregnant with my third child...So from reading Bree's blog and able to relate with her... I felt an instant bond with her and she was my first commenter on my new blog:) Bree to this day is one of my favs:) I learn so much from her!!
I have made some AWESOME friends just from blogland...some I have meet in person and others I have talked to through email or on phone/text...sometimes I feel like you know me better than I know myself!!

To be honest, sometimes I think the blog is quite I have read some blogs where their life's seem so perfect without any drama or curve balls and honestly, I call that a "fake" blog and never go back to theirs....I don't believe in a "perfect" life....I like blogs that are honest and has struggles so I can relate/learn from and know that I am not alone.....Grantet...I know some things should be left me there are so many things I would love to write about just to get off my chest....but if it is going to damage someone else, I am not about that!!
The purpose of this post is to say THANK YOU to certain bloggers (you know who you are) I truly love you guys:) and appreciate you!!

This is an example on how awesome blogland can be and WHY I am not going to cancel my blog....I was having a "not so good day" and certain bloggers sense when I am down....and message me......I feel the need to share this with everyone (I hope you don't mind Chell) I talked to Chelley(who is amazing:) earlier on the phone and was trying really hard to be OK and be my funny self...but she sensed is her message:
sometimes I just think a person needs to hear how great someone else thinks they are. Well, I think you are an amazing person and these are some of the reasons:
1. You are an awesome Mom who sets such high standards for people like me to look up to!
2. You would do anything for your children. They are very lucky to have you, a mom that has such devotion to each of them.
3. You are ROCKIN beautiful! Hello, duh I will never look as good as you! ( No matter how much weight I lose!)

4. You are an athlete that just has the natural ability. Others have to work much harder at it and you make it look effortless.

Melissa Crandell, you deserve the best in life. I am so proud to be able to call you my friend!
talk to you later,


BreeWee said...

I was so happy to see you wrote again, it's okay to go through slumps and bumps and just take a breath from life...

Totally agree with Chelly's letter to you... YOU are incredible...

Hey, my house is yours, if you need a little vacation come on out anytime!! or better yet, let's plan a trip! I could use some girl time too...

Hope you have a good weekend...

kerrie said...

x2 what Chelley said!
you are an amazing woman and so HAWT too! i wish you could teach me how to look so good all the time(however i'm pretty sure it wouldn't work).

so happy that you have shared what is going on :)

Lily on the Road said...

Glad you are still here!

Because you may not enjoy everyone's blog, doesn't mean we don't love yours or what you teach us!!

You and your family are true inspirations Mel....don't forget that!!

Jen said...

Glad to see you are keeping it! I have also met a couple of bloggers in person, and clicked with them right away!! Life is short...enjoy every moment we can. Life is hard, but life is always beautiful. And so are you! Chin up and keep blogging. Like you said, it's the "real" ones that you learn from.
Good luck Melissa!

Tri-ing with Twins said...

Mel: I have been keeping up with your blogs for about 6 months now. You make me laugh, you lay it all out there, and you're honest. Those are qualities that keep me coming back for more. I am glad that you are going to keep blogging. The world needs more people like you, honest and beautiful.

Thanks for staying on.

Meredith said...

I agree with your honesty and find it great that you are open and willing to share thru your blog....sometimes I feel like "who the hell wants to hear about that?" but you know, life has its ups and downs and you just gotta roll with the punches, right???

Chelley Klatt said...

I ment every world I said! And more!!!!

Love ya Mel

Damie said...

Hi Mel :) The honesty is always appreciated. I have at times felt a shun or two from "readers" that didn't like my attitude or felt that I should think, do, feel differently. A couple of weeks ago I really considered going on a blog ban. But, then there are the nice friends I have learned so much from and felt supported by- some I have met in person and liked them even more! I know what you mean. I love that you have all kinds of great stories-I envy your easy runs at my 5k pace, but you also share your disappointments like St Croix...only to come back and do it better the next time and kick butt and have time to cross the line with your kids. So, cheers to you and to the blog. :) We are glad you are hanging around.

Anonymous said...

More MILF pictures please!

Jennifer Harrison said...

For what it is worth from me, I always read your blog. I check it frequently and hope you post. I have NO idea what is going on with people's rude comments, give me a break, but I enjoy you and your blog. You make me laugh and I feel l ike I know you very well even though we have yet to meet.

blogs are tough. Sometimes people use their blogs for the GOOD in their lives and if they post about the bad....then, it keeps reminding them about it. So, of course, life is not all about sunshine and happiness...but, for some maybe that is how they cope. I don't know!?

Anyway, I prefer the blogs and hate that people slowed their blogging down b/c of FB and other stuff. (I am one!)...but, we have a good group of bloggers here, so keep on entertaining us: Good, bad, ugly or whatever! :))


Kona Shelley said...

I love your blog because you are honest and beautiful and pretty great triathlete too..:-)

Laura said...

Mel, I too really enjoy your blog. You and other moms out there who really 'do it all' truly amaze me, and I'm not just saying that! Feel free to put whatever you want on YOUR blog. We welcome your feelings - good, bad or otherwise.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Mel! I think that you're amazing - your honesty, strength, and integrity are incredible. I agree with what everyone else is saying - keep your head up! You are talented, a devoted mom, a great athlete, and hilarious! I love your honesty and willingness to NOT write about the bs. Not everything in life is roses and sunshine - trust me :), I know. I would be so sad if you didn't have a blog - I really enjoy it! Hang in there and continue to be strong! I'm cheering for YOU!

Shan said...

Hey Mel!

I get frustrated too when all I read is blog entries filled with unicorns, lollipops and happiness. We all know that life is filled with bumps and roller coasters (that aren't always fun), and I really enjoy when someone writes an honest post rather than only posting while they are happy. Your blog has been very inspiring to me, so KEEP IT UP! :) HUGGGS!!!

Cricket said...

I have always loved your Blog for it's honesty- you are real! I agree with all the comments and am glad you posted again... You crack me up and make me smile- I hope you're doing well- Smile Girl you are adorable and you are an inspiration to all mothers and women!

Mira Lelovic said...

I was so excited to see you had a new post! I have the same contemplation. Recently I haven't even opened my own blog because I don't feel like reading all the other blogs about training, racing, training. I want to read about normal stuff too. You know, kid and husband frustrations. You are never phony, never boasting about your run/bike/swim splits, you're just YOU! I hope you'll keep up your blog, and continue keeping it real. I'm still debating mine.
Hope you're doing well and getting some to run!

Mira Lelovic said...

I meant to type in the word "TIME", some time to run. When's that Toledo half?

Steve Stenzel said...

Yeah, anyone with a perfect blog is hiding something!! We gotta be real!!! (like when I nearly froze off my penis last night...)

Keep it up!!!!

Trigirlpink said...

Missy, I'm going to give you a call, what time is best during the week? Remember the time zone thingy
xxx Just remember, we are ridin' the same wave. Chin up!

Eileen Swanson said...

Love ya Mel and you know exactly how I feel about all of this....You are one HOT, AWESOME MOM, friend, athlete, etc.....keep on chattin' with us. Oh and I owe you a call too ;-)

E, R, and B too ;-)

Ottem16 said...

Hi, this is my first time reading your blog as I just started blogging myself the other day. I want to thank you for breaking it down the way you did. As I continue on this blogging journey I will focus on being as honest as I can, this can be a form of therapy I feel. Thanks