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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

66 degrees today="It's getting HOT in here"...with a little giddy dance;)

Me (after the 12m run) and Mason raising the roof to
BEAUTIFUL weather :)

FINALLY...we got a sunny, warm day!! Do you ever get those days when you feel so strong and you know nothing or noone will get in your way of having a good day>> Well, today was my day...SHORTS...SHORTSLEEVE SHIRT, SUNSHINE awwwweeee=perfect......I went for a 12 mile run and it went as planned...just go and do it with no worries on the mind and NOTHING to train for...just pure pleasure out there soaking up the sun;) I of course had goals I wanted to do.....I just prayed that my knee would hold up and let me enjoy this beautiful day....the goals were...NO WALKING and to stay in the 7ish min pace and it worked out as planned....I have to thank Nelly for his fun and sexy song "It's getting HOT in here"...I believe I listened to it 20 times and I kid you gave me the little "get your ass a movin, when I needed it" I am so ready for Karaoke;) Nelly has nothin on me..ha!!

I really just started to get back at the running a week ago..took most of winter off (hoping the knee would heal) and today it felt great!!! The days that when everything feels like it just clicks are awesome and to come home to little Mason waiting for you (with his Mario jammies still on) .. and a smile on his face is everything;)

Happy training or just enjoying the day!!!


Jill Costantino said...

FANTASTIC post! What a great day for you. So gald to hear everything went as planned and you had such a wonderful lil guy to greet you when you arrived, PERFECT!!! Hope the sun is there to stay:)

Wes said...

You just jump out there and do a 12 mile run, eh? In the 7-ish range (chuckling). Way to rock it Mel!

Damie said...

I hope your knee is in the clear- maybe we have traded places? ;) There is nothing like a good run.....

Lily on the Road said...

You just have to love days like that!!!

Laura said...

Yay for good runs! Enjoy the sunshine Mel.

BreeWee said...

Mel you look so happy, nothing like a 12 miler to make a woman smile!! ha ha, love it!!

SO GLAD you are getting some sun too!

Chelley Klatt said...

You look so happy! Way to rock the 12 miles!

The thing Wes forgot is that you can go out with 7 ish min miles because your legs are a mile long :)! Plus, it helps that you are so well conditioned.

Love you like a Sis!