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Monday, March 23, 2009

Emotional weekend......Our baby is growing up!!!


When we got home I said "GO wash that make up OFF"
she looks way too grown up ;(

This weekend hit me hard...My Skylar is growing up ;( she will be turning 11 next month and starting a new school (Junior high) next school year!!! It all dawned on me with the event she did this might be the "last" She was in her school talent show (this was her 3rd time) it was cute and gutsy...two of her Best friends. since 1st grade(.Karlie and Rylee), All three girls are sporty girls, but decided they were going to dance (which none of them take dance) so they had 2 weeks to put a little routine together and did awesome...while I was down on the floor under the stage taping their act...I was getting choked up....these three girls are like the three amigos..always together (all on my Basketball team) and this is their LAST talent show and Karlie will be going to a different junior high school :(....I don't think it has fully hit the girls yet, but I am sure the last day of school there will be a lot of tears flowing.....

We had our LAST Basketball game(second session) on Saturday....we played... "really" the only other team that gives us any competition and the girls were on fire...did long passing and worked as a "team" ran the plays, just a solid game..won 25 -9....I even had the refs come up to me and tell me I am a "good" coach and did well with the team as they know what they are doing......I need to hear that kind of I have stated before I get intimidated as I am the only girl coach and the only team that does not have a assistant solo for me...but it all worked out....we won the championship team has been the CHAMPS for 2 years....I love these girls.....

This is reality....I will have to FIGHT HARD to be the coach next year...with the girls going to Junior high school and other local schools combining.....the coaches I had to face this year will also be going for the position.....I will FIGHT hard, I am not going to give up on this team.....the 4 men coaches that will be also going for the coaching position are "locals" grew up here....meaning they are well known here...BUT I have the team record to back up my coaching and I think it is good to have a female coach at that we females know at that age ...girls will be liking the "boys" and PMS and of course the drama....something I am sure men do not like to deal with:)
I am throwing a pizza party for the team tonight and will have to prepare them...just in case I don't get the coaching....emotional :( but I do have 3 more kids to coach....ha

Here is the Talent camera only tapes short did not get the end...make sure you have your volume cranked up:)enjoy 3 bff's having fun....Skylar is on the far right end!!!!



Wes said...

Skylar is such a beautiful young lady. You guys must be so proud of her. The kiddos don't grow backwards, but that is part of the process. They too move on to bigger and better things.

So, champs two years in a row. How are you going to top that, coach??

Eileen Swanson said...

SUPER CUTE! Mel, Skylar is a natural at everything she does. I love this video!! These girls did an awesome job putting together their little routine. TOO CUTE!!

Jill Costantino said...

That is GREAT!!! A natural talent!

Congrats on the basket ball season! Woohoo!!!

Jen said...

Love it. Very sweet.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

BRAVO!!!!! You guys are ALL adorable! GO AFTER THAT COACHING position - your record and commitment speaks for itself! They are SO LUCKY to have you!!!

jahowie said...


I agree, you should go after that coaching position!!

Cricket said...

So cute- you've got your hands full. You and Skylar could pass as twins. Kids are awesome aren't they...Nothin better than being a mother!
Good Luck on the coaching!

Damie said...

I love that you posted a video!!! What a great age for fun and friendship. BTW, we (bloggers) are all so proud of you for being the coach that you are.

Kona Shelley said...

She is a beautiful dancer and really looks like you too!

BreeWee said...

You AND YOUR baby look like twins! Love it, it makes me so happy to see you happy as a momma!
Hope you are well Mel (that rhymed!!)

Bree and kainoa!!