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Friday, June 5, 2009

Going for the Challenge.....

LOOK the suit was an irregular size
I DIDN"T grow an extra
11 year old can wear it...OH my what would
I have done if I didn't TRY IT ON
before the race..yikes =)

Just a quick update....First thank you for the good luck wishes on face guys are the best:) Second thank you for the people who was giving some helpful info for my knee the moment I will just "deal" and then I go back to see the Doc after the race and will start the "fixing" process..and I think I am going to go see a Chiropractor to see if maybe I am out of whack...I have had problems in the past with my right hip being higher than my left so I am thinking maybe that is throwing my stride off....but will know more after the race...but thank you guys for showing your caring concerns =)

A HUGE thank you to SPLISH...I got my race suit and let just say "OH MY" did I pack on another ass since last was like running in a I emailed them to see if I could go up a size and was wondering if the suit comes irregular sizes sometimes....they were quick to fixing my problem and sent me not just one suit but two..... one in the normal size I wear (28) and a larger size (30).....good thing they did because the smaller (my normal size) NO extra ass for me just a irregular size...whhheewww that was a scare=)

SOOOOO I have decided to go with the 1/2 distance...most of you voted for me to do the shorter distance and my husband said I would NOT be happy with whatever choice I choose anyways...and he is probably right...I feel fit/trained for the sprint and think I would do well...BUT like people have said I have NOTHING to prove and I would have sooo much energy balled up after the sprint I would be mad at myself for not pushing myself for the longer I guess I want a little of pain:) I don't feel well trained and my friends laugh at me because I start training just weeks before a race...with my Whooping 4 bike rides since last 3 Open water swims EVER(all during a race)...and my runs are now half run /half speed walk that is what makes this push myself and just be out there for ME and my kids at the finish line...nothing else doesn't matter that my friend Susan is going to CRUSH my ass..she trains yearly ( no thank you on that..ha!!) actually I am rooting for this is her first year with a coach and I am excited to see her improvements...she will rock!!!

I am NOT going into this race with any high expectations....I already have in my head this : the swim is going to SUCK regardless....if there is WIND on the bike I am screwed (wimp to wind)...With my knee the way it is I will be walking at least 9 or 10 miles of the run......and LAST wah wah..."who cares"..... the smile on my kids face is PRICELESS :+)

I head up to MI. tomorrow evening...NO taking it easy for me...I am SOLO(Todd has to get the race set up) busy busy..... Madison has a Birthday party to go to.....I have 5 people to pack for....Skylar has a softball game...I need to get stuff to my in-laws they are bringing my 2 younger ones up to race the day of...and here is the kicker...Skylar is taking 5 I have to round them all up and take them with me:) and hope I can get them to go to bed early!!!!


So here is to a good hard "training day" and GOOD LUCK to you if you are racing this weekend...HAVE FUN.....

(I will be thinking of you Jill....I hope all that hard/crazy training your coach had you do makes it seem "easy" for you...even though you really do make me feel and look like a slack ass:) go and kick some butt!!

Sorry it wasn't QUICK...I guess my nerves are coming...chatter box here:) have a wonderful weekend!!!


Ward said...

Good luck Mel.. You're going to do great!!

There was an article on the CNN website this afternoon about Todd and racing for Recovery...

Lily on the Road said...

Good Luck Mel, whew, I'm exhausted just reading about what you have to BEFORE you even get there!


Wes said...

"OH MY" did I pack on another ass since last year.
You crack me up, Mel!! ROFL...

Hey, you have fun this weekend!! You'll get that knee thing figured out. I'm sure that having legs of different lengths is NOT a good thing!

and be careful driving the bus, eh? :-)

Mer! said...

Have a GREAT race!! Love all the family frenzy ...and so excited your suit snafoo worked out!!!

Hey, I clicked on CNN and the first story was this:

SO COOL!! I wanted to send you a facebook message and I realized we're not facebook friends and that I only "blog stalk", let me know if you want to be my friend =0 (hehe!)

Laura said...

Good luck chica! Can't wait to see the finishers photo. :) And you're amazing to take that many kids with you! Hahaha.

Sue said...

the life with kiddos..wouldnt change it for the world..ok some days i would..:) have a great weekend...

Pedergraham said...

Good luck, Mel. Not sure what you need more luck with---the race or getting all the kids and stuff out the door to get to the race. Post up a pic of your new suit and have fun!

Jill Costantino said...

You are sooo sweet!!! Thanks for the luck wishes...I sure do hope it seems easy...yeah right!!!

I think I have your extra A$$$$!!! I'm that 30!!! LOL!!! Umm and I tried to put my wetsuit on last night...and let's just say I am thankful that they don't start the race by having us do that!

You will do fantastic and you will get that great pic at the end. I will totally be thinking about you on your race when I wake up you will have already started. I am looking forward to hearing all about your day.

Cheers to a great swim, bike, run and fantastic finish!!!

Mel said...

MER MER MER...Um I stoped taking new friends request on Face Book...BUT I dig will look for you and we can be Frienddddsss:) haha!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

I have no idea how you do it all - you are incredible!! I love how you love your kids...I wish more parents out there were like that! You'll do great at the race - no matter the distance. Have fun and enjoy!!!! :)

kerrie said...

you are going to crush it!!!! and i know you will have fun doing so..

p.s. i think i have the extra ass that you lost ;)

Jumper 2.0 said...

Oh, I haven't been here in a while and missed that you have been injured!
Good luck!
Sometimes I have been amazed in that an injury decides not to show up on race day, hopefully that is what happens for you.
I'll keep posted on how you do. Just remember, you rock!

Trigirlpink said...

You are such a skinny mini!
I hope you had fun at the race. I was away all weekend at the Rev3 race in Conn. FINALLY got to meet Bree! Looking forward to hearing how the *training day* went!!!