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Monday, June 8, 2009

Luckily I can laugh at myself "Training day turns into survival"

AWESOME =) This is ALL I wanted!!!

YIP helmet on backwards!

Going out!!

The Family =)

I HAD to keep telling myself it is "just a training day" don't think of any "great times"....with about 7 pool-swims....4 bike rides in (since last July) and injured knee with my runs turning into walking...I had to keep telling myself it is OK...but many time I felt I had NO business being out there with my lack of training..I HURT HURT body is sooo feeling it today..I have never been this sore after a race....I can honestly say the ONLY thing on my body that doesn't hurt is my finger nails =) even my hair was a matted mess and I had to cut knots out, so even sore head!!!! does that happen???

The killer swim all I have to say is 1:01 could you have a blasting time with that swim time=) What is wrong with me.....IF I didn't have my kids...I would have QUIT...if you don't know...I panic in open water swims and CAN NOT put my face in the water..and I mean not even for one second..I swim that whole freakin swim bobbing up and down...well this time I really didn't think I was going to make it...the waves were at some points 3 ft and I sucked in so much water which lead me to puke 3 times and I was breathing so heavy my goggles steamed up I had no clue where I was going and went of course tons...I am out there ALONE :( towards the middle of the swim I thought my race chip was coming loose so I started treading water and reached down to tighten it...BIG calve muscles started cramping...I did NOT know what to do...I thought for sure I was going under...I even yelled for a boat..but nobody was around...after that swim I don't know if I EVER want to swim kids and nO boat kept me going....

The bike..(after the swim) check the photo above....DORK...I put my helmet on BACKWARDS..aahhh and the photographer was so nice to catch my fine moment..I was cursing "why is this thing not fastening and feels so not can laugh at me it is OK =) I was cruising along trying to feel my legs and catch my breath...keep pedaling...keep pedaling..but
my butt and crotch and legs were telling me I cause my OWN pain for not training more..after I reached 38 miles I was DONE.......I did have some conversation with some people out on the ride so that was fun...some girl said I deserve bonus points for wearing a swimsuit and being so tough...hum if she only knew how raw I was becoming!!! time 3:09

The run..2:06
this is when I knew (other than the swim ) suffering was coming...BUT I also knew few more hours and I AM DONE...and I will see the kids and have my photo =) I haven't done any brick training since last I knew my legs were going to feel like jello..I was going to try and run as long as my knee would allow.....well not long....but I wasn't expecting anything fast..when I was bringing it home there were my beautiful kids waiting for me with smiles and we grabbed hands and ran in that moment the pain was gone and I DID IT.....that is what I was waiting for...PRICELESS.... Loved it!!!!

So there it was a HARD,,PAINFUL day of training....I did the challenge and that it was...
next up Duathlons
only =) kidding but I really thought of that...seriously how are you suppose to have a fast race with a slow ass swim time like that...I waste so much energy just trying to stay a float to get the heck out of that water..try to swim that way sometime and see how you do =) I dare you!!! I sux...ha! DON"T follow my training plan.......
Next up go to my Sports Doc next week and get this knee fixed =) I can't wait to RUN again!!!


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Way to go! You totally get a GOLD STAR STICKER for toughing it out! I KNOW how much a race hurts WITH training... I can't imagine doing one -let alone a half - with little training. You are one tough mama! I am so proud - and I know Todd and the kids are as well! Way to go! Rest up!!!

Hugs and good vibes to your knee - heal up fast!

jahowie said...

You are so tough!! I can't believe that you were able to press on after that swim. Nice job!!

GoBigGreen said...

That is perseverence for you:) good job. I mean it. Some people would have quit or had a melt down.
Get that knee figured out and hopefully you can return to what you love, running..pain free!

Wes said...

oh Mel, you are a superstar! You know what I do when I get like that in the water. I float on my back and shoot water in the air out of my mouth :-) Of course, no one would have seen it over the three dayum foot waves, but it is SO peaceful and restful. Sorry you had such a hard time, but your bike and run times WERE AWESOME!

I'm glad you decided to live, for your kids sakes if not for the rest of us :-)

Damie said...

I totally didn't realize your race was already here! Girl, I love the way you are rockin' the swimsuit with the helmet on backwards. Seriously, I know it sucks to not be able to run and to not be able to train for these things. But, as you found this past weekend, there are so many other reasons to just get out there and do it and it is not all about being super fit and the best at this or that. it is about just getting out there and doing it- having fun with yourself and finding reasons to live. Love you!!!!

Chelley Klatt said...

Wow, great photo Mel! It was all worth it!!! Your bad swim makes me feel like I can do it. I totally freak when I have practiced open water swims. It isn't so much about the speed as it is about the journey. Congrats Mel! You did GREAT!!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

MEL, GOOD for you for sticking in there during some tough times during this race! you are so awesome - I JUST want to look like you in my bathing suit - damn!!

And, take care of that knee!!!

Conrats Mel !

Jill Costantino said...

Oh Mel - Congratulations!!! Look at YOUR beautiful family!!! You did finished and got the BEST photo at the end:) Congrats and now go look after yourself!

Marni said...

WOW! All of that on a painful knee! Your run time was great, I'm sure you were hurting by then!!
The fam looks super happy! Let me know the next time you will visit your mom in Dunedin! :)

Shan said...

Congrats Mel! I just love the photos of you and your family - so awesome!

Awesome job for toughing it out on a hard day. Swimming can be SO daunting, especially when there is surf or waves knocking you around. I tend to get a little motion sick when there are big waves, so I know what you mean when you said you were "bobbing around".

I really hope you can get your knee healed SOON. I'm thinking of ya and sending healing thoughts!!

Laura said...

Great job out there!! And such a great photo!!! :)

Good luck with the knee! I hope everything works out.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

With all you juggle I am very impressed!!! I love the photos, congratulations!

BreeWee said...

You RULE! SO does that suit (and the twin in the previous post!)

Trigirlpink said...

You just crack me up. I needed this funny read. Good luck with the sports dr. appointment. Damn knee... :-(

Jumper 2.0 said...

Congratulations and keep us updated on your knee